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Police name dozens of New Zealand mosque massacre victims

New Zealand police have identified dozens of victims from the March 15 shootings at two mosques in Christchurch.


The attacks during Friday prayers took the lives of 50 worshippers and left dozens more wounded when a man believed to be a white supremacist opened fire and live streamed the shootings.


Many of the victims had moved to New Zealand to seek better lives in a country known for its beauty, friendliness and safety. Among the victims are engineers, business owners, students and a goalkeeper for the national futsal team — a modified form of soccer, typically played indoors.

许多受害者搬到新西兰是为了在这个以美丽、友好和安全著称的国家寻求更好的生活。 受害者包括工程师、企业主、学生和国家五人足球队的一名守门员。五人足球是足球的一种改进形式,通常在室内踢球。

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Japan’s national judo team to be nicknamed ‘Godzilla Japan’

“Godzilla Japan” has been chosen as the nickname for the Japanese national judo team that will compete in the World Judo Championships set to begin on Aug. 25 at the Nippon Budokan hall in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, the All Japan Judo Federation has announced.

日本柔道联合会宣布,“哥斯拉日本”被选为日本国家柔道队的昵称,该队将参加8月25日在 Chiyoda Ward Nippon Budokan 大会堂举行的世界柔道锦标赛柔道锦标赛。

The federation said on Tuesday it chose the name after Toho Co., the studio behind the Godzilla films, took an interest in the nickname that judo insiders bestowed on the computer system used to analyze video of matches — Godzilla, of course.

该联合会周二表示,它之所以选择这个名字,是因为哥斯拉电影公司(Godzilla films)背后的东宝电影公司(Toho co.)对用于分析比赛视频的计算机系统——当然是哥斯拉——的内部人士给它取的绰号感兴趣。

The federation and Toho agreed to join hands to publicize the sport based on the similarities between judo and Godzilla, such as their origin in Japan and image of strength. They are currently considering whether to use “Godzilla Japan” for next year’s Tokyo Olympics as well.

日本柔道协会和东宝公司同意携手宣传柔道和哥斯拉的相似之处,比如它们的起源和力量形象。 他们目前正在考虑是否在明年的东京奥运会上也使用"哥斯拉日本"。


OLYMPICS/ Cherry blossom torch for Tokyo Games inspired by Fukushima
奥运 / 受福岛核事故启发的东京奥运会樱花火炬

The torch design for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games was unveiled on Wednesday, exactly a year before the flame is due to arrive in Japan from Greece.


The theme of the pink gold torch centers on "sakura" or cherry blossom in Japan, which arrives every spring to much fanfare, and it was designed with input from children from the areas most severely damaged by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.


Designer Tokujin Yoshioka said he was inspired to create the torch, which features five sakura petals cut into its head to mirror the five Olympic rings, following a visit to an elementary school in Fukushima.

设计师 Tokujin Yoshioka 在参观了福岛的一所小学后说,他受到启发创造了这个火炬,在火炬头部剪下五片樱花花瓣来模仿奥林匹克五环。

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Fed holds line on rates, says no more hikes ahead this year

The Fed indicates that no more rate hikes will be coming this year.


The announcement comes three months after the central bank said two hikes would be appropriate in 2019.


The central bank also says it will complete its balance sheet roll-off program at the end of the September.

The Fed also reduced expectations in GDP growth and inflation and a bump higher in the unemployment rate outlook.

美联储还降低了对 GDP 增长和通胀的预期,并提高了失业率前景

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The Secret Sauce Behind Apple's New AirPods? A New Chip, the Company Says
苹果新款 AirPods 背后的秘密武器是什么? 该公司称,一种新的芯片

Continuing its week of surprise hardware announcements, Apple on Wednesday announced an updated version of its AirPods, the company’s wireless earbuds. While the second-generation model brings expected improvements like increased talk time, the kicker comes in the form of an optional wireless charging option that partially fulfills a two-year-old promise. The new AirPods also make it easier to go truly hands-free thanks to some updated internals.

本周三,苹果公司继续发布硬件产品的惊喜消息,发布了 AirPods 的升级版,AirPods 是苹果公司的无线耳机。 虽然第二代模式带来了预期的改进,如通话时间的增加,但是意外的是可选的无线充电选项的形式,部分实现了两年前的承诺。 新的 AirPods 也使它更容易去真正免提由于一些更新的内部。

Apple’s second-generation AirPods are largely unchanged on the outside, but ditches the company’s previous W1 processor in favor of a new chip called the H1. The new processor promises 50 percent more talk time, and allows the new AirPods switch from device to device up to twice as fast as the previous generation. The H1 chip also powers new hands-free Siri functionality, so you can get ahold of your virtual assistant by saying “Hey, Siri,” instead of tapping your ears like some kind of Secret Service agent.

苹果的第二代 AirPods 在外观上基本没有变化,但是放弃了该公司以前的 W1处理器,转而使用一款名为 H1的新芯片。 新的处理器承诺将增加50% 的通话时间,并允许新的 AirPods 设备之间的切换速度达到上一代的两倍。 H1芯片还提供了新的免提 Siri 功能,所以你可以通过说"嘿,Siri"来抓住你的虚拟助手,而不是像特勤局特工那样轻拍你的耳朵。

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