What's new on 2019 / 03 / 28 ? 英国首相将于脱欧后辞职、脸书禁止白人民族主义......

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May Promises She Will Quit Once Brexit Deal Is Delivered

(LONDON) — British Prime Minister Theresa May told Conservative lawmakers Wednesday that she will step down once the U.K.’s exit from the European Union is delivered — a dramatic concession meant to bring enough of her colleagues on board to push her deal over the line.

伦敦 — 英国首相特蕾莎·梅(Theresa May)周三对保守党议员表示,一旦英国退出欧盟,她将辞职。这是一个戏剧性的让步,意味着她将有足够多的同事参与,推动她的协议达成协议。

May told a party meeting of legislators that she was aware of a desire for a new approach – and new leadership – in the second phase of the Brexit negotiations.


“I am prepared to leave this job earlier than I intended in order to do what is right for our country and our party,” she said, according to a transcript released by her office. “I ask everyone in this room to back the deal so we can complete our historic duty – to deliver on the decision of the British people and leave the European Union with a smooth and orderly exit.”


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Facebook to ban white nationalism and separatism

Facebook has said it will block "praise, support and representation of white nationalism and separatism" on Facebook and Instagram from next week.

Facebook 表示,从下周开始,它将在 Facebook 和 Instagram 上屏蔽"对白人民族主义和分裂主义的赞扬、支持和代表"。

The social media giant also pledged to improve its ability to identify and block material from terrorist groups.


Facebook users searching for offending terms will be directed to a charity which combats far-right extremism.

Facebook 用户搜索冒犯性的词语将被引导到一个反对极右极端主义的慈善机构。

The social network has come under pressure after a man livestreamed an attack on two mosques in New Zealand.


Facebook had previously allowed some white nationalist content it did not view as racist - including permission for users to call for the creation of white ethno-states.

此前,Facebook 允许一些白人民族主义者的内容,但它并不认为这些内容具有种族主义色彩——包括允许用户呼吁建立白人种族国家。

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Conservatives plan to mass-text voters in four provinces to campaign against carbon tax

The Conservatives are using a new tactic to reach voters with an attack on the federal government's carbon tax just days before it comes into effect.


The Official Opposition party is deploying the usual political outreach tools — ad buys and doorstep campaigning — but it's also planning to send messages directly to voters' phones in the four provinces where the federal carbon pricing policy is being introduced.


Starting Thursday, the Conservative Party will be mass-texting voters with a message from federal leader Andrew Scheer insisting the Trudeau government's carbon tax has to go.

从周四开始,保守党将向大量选民发送来自联邦领袖安德鲁 · 谢尔的信息,坚持特鲁多政府的碳税必须取消。

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2 execs arrested for fraud; links to Nigerian crime group suspected

Two Japanese company executives were arrested March 28 on suspicion of fraud and concealing criminal revenues, with police seeking a possible connection between the pair and a Nigerian crime organization.


Yoshitake Kurita, 53, of Tokyo, and Kimio Kawase, 58, of Osaka, are alleged to have withdrawn money obtained through a business e-mail scam that has spread globally, the Metropolitan Police Department announced the same day.

东京53岁的 Yoshitake Kurita 和大阪58岁的 Kimio Kawase 被指控提取了通过商业电子邮件骗局获得的资金,这一骗局已经扩散到全球,日本哥伦比亚特区首都警察当天宣布。

The pair are believed to have conspired with a still-unknown third party in September 2016 to take over the e-mail address of the president of a company based in Saint Christopher and Nevis, an island nation in the West Indies.


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Boeing unveils 737 Max fixes, says planes are safer
波音公司宣布737max 改装,飞机更安全

Boeing previewed its software fix, cockpit alerts and additional pilot training for its 737 Max planes on Wednesday, saying the changes improve the safety of the aircraft which has been involved in two deadly crashes since October.

周三,波音公司预览了其737max 飞机的软件修复、驾驶舱警报和额外的飞行员培训,称这些改变提高了飞机的安全性,自去年10月以来,这架飞机已经发生了两次致命的坠毁事故。

"We're working with customers and regulators around the world to restore faith in our industry and also to reaffirm our commitment to safety and to earning the trust for the flying public," Mike Sinnett, Boeing vice president, said in previewing the changes to pilots, reporters and regulators at its facilities in Renton, Washington.

波音副总裁迈克•辛尼特(Mike Sinnett)在伦顿的工厂预览飞行员、记者和监管机构的变化时表示:"我们正在与全球各地的客户和监管机构合作,以恢复人们对我们行业的信心,同时重申我们对安全的承诺,并为飞行公众赢得信任。"

The company's shares jumped after releasing the fixes at 2 p.m. ET, rising by more than 1 percent in afternoon trading.

在美国东部时间下午2点发布修复措施后,该公司股价上涨,在下午的交易中上涨了1% 以上。

Many of the details behind Boeing's plan to fix the Max have come out over the last two weeks.


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