What's new on 2019 / 05 / 10 ? 特朗普提名帕特里克·沙纳罕出任美国国防部长、林恩·贝亚克因拒绝撤下被谴责为种族主义者的信件而被停职.......

Trump Nominates Patrick Shanahan to Run the Military After Historic Delay
特朗普提名帕特里克·沙纳罕(Patrick Shanahan)出任美国国防部长

It took 125 days, but President Donald Trump finally nominated Patrick Shanahan to be the next Secretary of Defense.

这花了125天,但唐纳德·特朗普总统最终提名帕特里克 · 沙纳汉为下一任国防部长。

Shanahan, 56, was the leading contender to become Defense Secretary since James Mattis stepped down from the job on Dec. 31. The former Boeing Co. executive has the dubious distinction of being the longest serving “Acting Defense Secretary” in the nation’s history.


“I am honored by today’s announcement of President Trump’s intent to nominate. If confirmed by the Senate, I will continue the aggressive implementation of our National Defense Strategy,” he said in a statement. “I remain committed to modernizing the force so our remarkable Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines have everything they need to keep our military lethal and our country safe.”


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Thailand: Tropical bay from 'The Beach' to close until 2021
泰国: 海滩热带海湾将关闭到2021年

A Thai bay that was made iconic by its appearance in the film The Beach is to remain closed until 2021.


Maya Bay, on the island of Phi Phi Leh, was temporarily closed last year because a sharp rise in the number of visitors was damaging the environment.

Phi Phi Leh 的玛雅湾去年因为游客数量的急剧增加破坏了环境而暂时关闭。

Before the closure, up to 5,000 tourists were visiting the island every day, causing most of its corals to die.


Authorities have now the extended the ban on visits by two years to give more time for Maya Bay's ecology to recover.


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Lynn Beyak suspended from Senate after refusing to take down letters condemned as racist

Lynn Beyak has been suspended from the Senate for the remainder of this parliamentary session after declining to remove letters from her website that have been widely condemned as racist, and for refusing to apologize for posting them.

林恩 · 贝亚克拒绝从她的网站上删除被广泛谴责为种族主义的信件,并拒绝为发布这些信件道歉,因此在本次议会会议的剩余时间里,她被暂停参议员资格。

In a 15-minute speech to the Red Chamber Thursday, Beyak said she believes she is being unfairly punished by her Senate colleagues for practising free speech.


Beyak dismissed criticism of the letters as political correctness gone awry. She equated her punishment — a temporary suspension — to the totalitarian nightmare described by George Orwell in his dystopian novel 1984.

贝亚克驳斥了对这些信件的批评,认为这些政治正确出了问题。 她把她的惩罚ーー暂时的中止ーー等同于乔治•奥威尔(George Orwell)在其反乌托邦小说《1984》(1984)中描写的极权主义噩梦。

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Yoshinoya teams with fitness group to make beef salad

TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Gyudon beef-on-rice bowl restaurant operator Yoshinoya Co. launched on Thursday a beef salad for health-conscious customers, developed jointly with fitness club operator Rizap Group Inc.

吉吉出版社(Jiji Press)ー周四,Gyudon 牛肉饭碗餐厅运营商吉野家公司(Yoshinoya co.)与健身俱乐部运营商日照集团(Rizap Group inc.)联合推出了一款面向注重健康顾客的牛肉沙拉。

Beef, an egg and beans are topped on vegetables instead of rice, enabling customers to take in protein some five times greater in volume than from the normal size of gyudon, with the amount of sugar cut by some 80 percent, according to the main arm of Yoshinoya Holdings Co.

据吉野谷控股有限公司的主要分支机构称,牛肉、鸡蛋和豆类被放在蔬菜上而不是放在大米上,这使得顾客摄入的蛋白质量比正常大小的鸡腿肉高出五倍,糖份也减少了约80% 。

With the salad, which includes broccoli and cabbage, people can take in one-third of the recommended amount of vegetables for adults per day.



Toyota becomes first in Japan to post sales over 30 trillion yen

Toyota Motor Corp. became the first Japanese company to report more than 30 trillion yen in annual sales, but its net profit still plummeted by 24.5 percent in the business year that ended in March.

丰田汽车(Toyota Motor corp.)成为首家年销售额超过30万亿日元的日本公司,但在截至今年3月的财政年度,该公司净利润仍大幅下降24.5% 。

Toyota said May 8 that sales totaled 30.226 trillion yen ($275 billion) in fiscal 2018, a 2.9-percent increase from the previous year and the second straight record for the automaker.

丰田5月8日表示,2018财年的销售总额为30.226万亿日元(约合2750亿美元) ,较上年增长2.9% ,为该公司连续第二年创下销售记录。

“This is the result of everyone working together, step by step,” Toyota President Akio Toyoda said about the Japanese sales record at a news conference.


However, net profit fell to 1.883 trillion yen, the first decline in two years, due largely to one-off factors, including appraisal losses of its stocks.


In addition, U.S. corporate tax cuts had helped to push up Toyota’s net profit the previous year.


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