What's new on 2019 / 07 / 12 ? 伊朗船只试图阻止英国船只通过、加拿大航班遭遇气流37人受伤......

Iranian Vessels Tried to Block the Passage of a British Ship, the U.K. Says

(DUBAI, United Arab Emirates) — The British navy said it prevented three Iranian paramilitary vessels from impeding the passage of a British commercial ship in the Strait of Hormuz early Thursday, a day after Iran’s president warned of repercussions for the seizure of its own supertanker.


Iran’s Revolutionary Guard denied the allegations, saying if it had received orders to seize any ships it would have done so immediately.


The incident came at a time of heightened tensions over Iran’s unraveling nuclear agreement with world powers. Iran recently began breaching uranium enrichment limits in response to the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the agreement last year and its imposition of sweeping sanctions.

这一事件发生之际,正值伊朗与世界大国之间的核协议破裂导致紧张局势升级之际。 伊朗最近开始突破铀浓缩限制,以回应特朗普政府去年退出该协议及其实施的全面制裁。

In recent months, the U.S. has dispatched thousands of additional troops, an aircraft carrier, bombers and advanced fighter jets to the region. Washington has blamed Iran for a series of mysterious attacks on oil tankers — charges denied by Tehran — and said it shot down an American drone in international airspace. Iran said it downed the drone after it veered into its own airspace.

最近几个月,美国向该地区增派了数千名士兵、一架航空母舰、轰炸机和先进战斗机。 华盛顿指责伊朗对油轮发动了一系列神秘袭击(德黑兰否认了这些指控) ,并表示伊朗在国际空域击落了一架美国无人机。 伊朗表示,它在无人机转向自己领空后击落了该无人机。

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37 hurt, 9 seriously, on Air Canada flight hit by turbulence

An Air Canada plane on a flight from Vancouver to Sydney, Australia, after travelling from Toronto, encountered sudden and severe turbulence Thursday, leaving more than three dozen people with injuries, the airline said.


Flight AC33 was diverted to Honolulu's international airport around 6:46 a.m. local time, where medical staff were on standby to examine the injured.


Air Canada spokesperson Peter Fitzpatrick said 35 people sustained minor injuries. That number was later updated to 37 by emergency officials in Honolulu. They told reporters 30 people were transported to local hospitals, nine with serious injuries and 21 with minor injuries. Those people have since been treated and released, according to Air Canada spokesperson Angela Mah.


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Brazil's President Bolsonaro offers US ambassador job to son

Jair Bolsonaro, the far-right president of Brazil, has invited his son to become ambassador to the US.

巴西极右翼总统杰尔·博尔索纳罗(Jair Bolsonaro)已邀请他的儿子出任驻美大使。

Eduardo Bolsonaro, 35, who is currently serving as a congressman and advises his father on foreign affairs, told reporters he would accept the post if it were offered.

现年35岁的爱德华多·博尔索纳罗(Eduardo Bolsonaro)目前担任国会议员,为父亲提供外交事务方面的建议。他告诉记者,如果有人提供这个职位,他将接受。

The position of ambassador has been vacant since April.


Mr Bolsonaro was elected last year after a successful campaign he said had been inspired by Donald Trump.


Eduardo would have to resign as a congressman if he did take up the position of ambassador.


The appointment hinges on his son accepting the position, the president said


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Boeing 737 program manager is retiring as Max jet remains grounded

Boeing’s 737 jet program manager Eric Lindblad is retiring after nearly a year on the job, according to a company memo reviewed by CNBC on Thursday.

根据美国全国广播公司财经频道(CNBC)周四审阅的公司备忘录,波音737喷气式飞机项目经理埃里克·林德布拉德(Eric Lindblad)在工作了近一年后即将退休。

The 34-year Boeing executive’s retirement comes as the company copes with the fallout of two crashes that killed 346 people.


Mark Jenks, who has worked on Boeing’s potential new mid-market airplane (NMA) project, will assume the role as lead of the 737 program.

曾参与波音公司潜在中端市场新型飞机(NMA)项目的马克·詹克斯(Mark Jenks)将担任737项目的主管。

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Purl jam: Japan team wins Finnish heavy metal knitting trophy

JOENSUU, Finland--Armed with needles and a yarn of wool, teams of avid knitters danced Thursday to the deafening sounds of drums beating and guitars slashing at the first-ever Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship in eastern Finland.

JOENSUU, Finland——周四,在芬兰东部举行的首届重金属编织世界锦标赛(Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship)上,热衷编织的团队手持针头和羊毛线,在震耳欲聋的鼓声和吉他声中翩翩起舞。

The competition took place in a packed square in the small town of Joensuu close to the Russian border. An eclectic group of around 200 people watched the performances, from families with young children and elderly to the less conspicuous heavy metal fans donning leather-jackets and swirling their long hair to the fast-paced rhythm of the music.


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