Neil Armstrong's Family Received a Secret $6 Million Settlement Over a Wrongful Death Dispute, Report Says

(CINCINNATI) — An Ohio hospital paid the estate of astronaut Neil Armstrong $6 million in a confidential agreement to settle allegations that post-surgical complications led to Armstrong’s 2012 death, according to court documents and a report in the New York Times.

(辛辛那提)——根据法庭文件和《纽约时报》的一篇报道,俄亥俄州一家医院向宇航员尼尔 · 阿姆斯特朗(Neil Armstrong)的遗产支付了600万美元,以达成一项保密协议,就阿姆斯特朗2012年死于手术后并发症的。

The 2014 settlement went to 10 family members, including Armstrong’s two sons, sister, brother and six grandchildren, according to documents filed with the Hamilton County Probate Court in Cincinnati which were publicly available on Tuesday. Armstrong’s widow, Carol, did not receive any money in the settlement.

根据提交给辛辛那提汉密尔顿县遗嘱检验法院(Hamilton County Probate Court)的文件,2014年的和解协议涉及10名家庭成员,包括阿姆斯特朗的两个儿子、妹妹、兄弟和六个孙辈。这些文件周二公开发布。阿姆斯特朗的遗孀卡罗尔没有得到任何赔偿金。

Armstrong’s sons, Mark and Rick, contended care provided by Mercy Health-Fairfield Hospital cost their father his life, according to the New York Times.


The 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon was celebrated Saturday. He died on Aug. 25, 2012.


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Ottawa formally asks companies to make their pitches to replace CF-18 jets
渥太华正式要求各公司提出更换 CF-18喷气式飞机的建议

The federal government formally submitted requests for proposals (RFP) today to procure fighter jets to replace the decades-old CF-18s.

联邦政府今天正式提交了征求建议书(RFP) ,以采购战斗机来取代几十年前的 cf-18战斗机。

Four companies are in the running to supply Canada with roughly 80 new jets: Saab of Sweden, Airbus Defence and Space out of Britain, and the American firms Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

有4家公司正在为加拿大提供大约80架新飞机: 瑞典的萨博,英国的空中客车防务与航天公司,以及美国的波音公司和洛克希德马丁公司。

Those companies have until spring of 2020 to submit their initial proposals to the $19-billion competition. A decision on the winning bid is not expected until 2022 — the military procurement process can take years — with delivery of the first jets expected by 2025.

这些公司必须在2020年春季之前向190亿美元的竞争提交初步提案。 预计要到2022年才能做出中标的决定——军事采购过程可能需要数年时间——第一批喷气式飞机预计将于2025年交付。

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Alaska man charged with illegall kill of polar bear

ANCHORAGE (AP) — An Alaska man has been charged with the illegal killing of a polar bear in violation of federal law.

美联社报道: 一名阿拉斯加男子被指控违反联邦法律非法杀害一只北极熊。

Chris Gordon of Kaktovik shot the bear outside his home, leaving the carcass there for five months without salvaging any part of it, according to federal prosecutors.

根据联邦检察官的说法,卡克托维克的克里斯 · 戈登在他家外面射杀了这只熊,把它的尸体留在那里五个月,没有抢救任何部分。

“Mr. Gordon allegedly left butchered whale meat outside in front of his yard of his residence for a substantial period of time, which attracted polar bear, as well as other animals,” said Ryan Tansey, a Fairbanks-based federal prosecutor.

费尔班克斯市的联邦检察官瑞安 · 坦西说: “据称,戈登先生在自家院子外面杀死的鲸鱼肉放置了相当长的一段时间,吸引了北极熊和其他动物。”。

Gordon, 35, faces a year in prison and a maximum fine of $100,000 if convicted, Alaska’s Energy Desk reported.


Gordon declined to comment about the case, which is scheduled for an August court appearance in Fairbanks.



Nissan is reportedly set to cut more than 10,000 jobs worldwide

Japanese automaker Nissan plans to cut more than 10,000 jobs globally as it looks to turn around its business, Kyodo News reported Wednesday.


Those intended additional job reductions, which include early retirement options, come after the company said in May it will slash at least 4,800 jobs worldwide, the news site said.


Nissan has about 139,000 employees around the world.


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The Milky Way devoured another galaxy and we've spotted the remains

Early in the Milky Way’s history, it devoured another, smaller galaxy and made that galaxy’s stars its own. Now, astronomers have pinpointed the timing of this monstrous meal and identified which stars make up the grisly remains.

在银河系历史的早期,它吞噬了另一个较小的星系,并使那个星系的恒星成为它自己的恒星。 现在,天文学家已经确定了这顿可怕的大餐的时间,并确定了是哪些恒星构成了这些可怕的遗骸。

Carme Gallart at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands in Spain and her colleagues used data from the Gaia space observatory to determine the ages of nearly 600,000 stars in our galaxy. Some of those stars are in the “thick disk”, just above or below the main disk of the galaxy, and some are in the halo, a spherical structure that extends beyond the disk.

西班牙加那利群岛天体物理研究所的卡梅 · 加拉特和她的同事们使用来自盖亚空间天文台的数据确定了银河系中近60万颗恒星的年龄。 其中一些恒星位于“厚圆盘”中,就在星系主盘的上方或下方,另一些则位于光晕中,这是一种延伸到盘外的球状结构。

The halo sample contained two types of stars, one with more blue stars than the other. Previous work showed that the blue stars were originally part of a smaller galaxy called Gaia-Enceladus, also known as the “sausage galaxy”, which was absorbed by the Milky Way early in its history.

光晕样本包含两种类型的恒星,一种比另一种拥有更多的蓝色恒星。 先前的研究表明,这些蓝色恒星最初是一个较小的星系盖亚-恩克拉多斯的一部分,也被称为“香肠星系” ,在银河系形成的早期就被银河系吸收了。