What's new on 2019 / 04 / 08 ?美国将伊朗革命卫队定性为恐怖组织、奥巴马告诉年轻人要培养理性的网络辩论......

In Unprecedented Move, U.S. to Designate Iran's Revolutionary Guard a Terrorist Group

(WASHINGTON) — The Trump administration is preparing to designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a “foreign terrorist organization,” an unprecedented move against a national armed force that could have widespread implications for U.S. personnel and policy in the Middle East and elsewhere.

(华盛顿)——特朗普政府正准备将伊朗革命卫队(Revolutionary Guard)定性为"外国恐怖组织",这是针对一支国家武装力量的前所未有的举动,可能会对美国在中东和其他地区的人事和政策产生广泛影响。

Officials informed of the step said an announcement could come as early as Monday, after a monthslong escalation in the administration’s rhetoric against Iran, its support for militia groups in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen, as well as anti-Israel groups in the region and beyond.


It would be the first such designation by any American administration of an entire foreign government entity, although portions of the Guard, notably its elite Quds Force, have been targeted previously by the United States.


Two U.S. officials and a congressional aide confirmed the planned move. They were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

两名美国官员和一名国会助理证实了这一计划。 他们没有被授权公开讨论此事,并要求匿名发言。

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Libya crisis: Fighting near Tripoli leaves 21 dead
利比亚危机: 的黎波里附近的战斗造成21人死亡

Libya's UN-backed government says 21 people have been killed and 27 wounded in fighting near the capital, Tripoli.


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has called for an immediate halt to the fighting and called for talks.


Rebel forces under Gen Khalifa Haftar have advanced from the east with the aim of taking Tripoli.

哈利法 · 哈夫塔将军领导下的反对派武装已经从东部挺进,目标是攻占的黎波里。

Prime Minister Fayez al-Serraj has accused him of attempting a coup and says rebels will be met with force.

法耶兹 · 塞拉吉总理指责他企图发动政变,并说反叛分子将遭到武力对抗。

Among the dead was a Red Crescent doctor killed on Saturday. Gen Haftar's forces said they had lost 14 fighters.

死者中有一名红新月会的医生在周六遇难。 哈夫塔将军的部队说他们损失了14名战士。

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Canadian Broadway hit Come From Away wins best new musical in U.K.

Musicals Come From Away and Company as well as the play The Inheritance, an epic drama about gay lives in New York, were the big winners at British theatre's Olivier Awards on Sunday, receiving four trophies apiece.

音乐剧《来自远方》和《同伴》 ,以及讲述纽约同性恋生活的史诗剧《遗产》 ,是本周日英国戏剧界奥利维尔奖的大赢家,分别获得了四个奖项。

Come From Away, inspired by a small Canadian town that sheltered thousands of stranded airline passengers after the 9/11 attacks, was named best new musical at Britain's equivalent of Broadway's Tony Awards. The play also took trophies for sound, outstanding achievement in music and choreography.

受到加拿大一个小镇的启发,在911恐怖袭击后,这个小镇收留了数千名滞留的航空公司乘客。这部音乐剧被评为英国百老汇托尼奖最佳新剧。 该剧还获得了声音、音乐和编舞方面的杰出成就奖。

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Obama tells young to foster reasoned online debate

BERLIN (AP) — Former U.S. President Barack Obama says he wants to support young leaders in Europe and elsewhere who are trying to tackle problems such as climate change and inequality.


Obama told a town hall meeting in Berlin on Saturday that mentoring activists through his foundation may help encourage “millions of people who are working on the values and causes that we so deeply believe in.”


He said despite Europe’s wealth, social achievements and decades of peace, “we also know that powerful forces are working to reverse many of these trends.”Speech



EDITORIAL: Government must help rebuild Fukushima evacuees’ lives
社论: 政府必须帮助重建福岛居民的生活

Eight years on since the nuclear disaster, there are still many evacuees living away from their homes in other parts of the nation, unable to return to their communities after the catastrophic accident at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.


But the situations of these Fukushima evacuees have been fading into the fog of obscurity over time.


The central government and the Fukushima prefectural government should step up their flagging efforts to grasp the realities of their life as evacuees and help them rebuild their destroyed livelihoods.


Some 40,000 former residents of areas around the nuclear plant still live away from their homes, either within or outside Fukushima Prefecture, according to statistics compiled by the Reconstruction Agency and the prefectural government. The figure is one-quarter of its peak level.

根据重建机构和都道府县政府编制的统计数据,大约有4万名核电站周边地区的原居民仍然住在远离家园的地方,不管是在福岛县内还是外面。 这个数字是其峰值水平的四分之一。

But the statistics have been criticized for failing to give a true picture of the problem.


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