What's new on 2019 / 06 / 27 ? 巴黎检察官称没有迹象表明圣母院大火是犯罪引起的、加拿大皇家骑警呼吁追查神秘肉类的来源......

There Is No Sign That the Notre Dame Fire Was of Criminal Origin, the Paris Prosecutor Says

PARIS (AP) — A preliminary investigation found no evidence to suggest that a fire that gutted large parts of Notre Dame Cathedral was criminal, the prosecutor’s office said Wednesday.The prosecutor’s office said in a statement that several hypotheses about the cause of the April 15 blaze include a malfunctioning electrical system or a smoldering cigarette — to be further investigated in a new probe.The prosecutor’s office announced the opening of a judicial investigation led by three judges for “involuntary degradation by fire through manifestly deliberate violation” of security rules or simple imprudence. It targets “X,” meaning anyone or any entity suspected.

巴黎(美联社)——周三,检察官办公室表示,初步调查没有发现任何证据表明一场烧毁圣母大教堂大部分建筑的大火是犯罪行为。 检察官办公室在一份声明中表示,有关4月15日火灾原因的几个假设包括电气系统故障或香烟闷烧ーー将在新的调查中进一步调查。 检察官办公室宣布开始由三名法官领导的司法调查,指控"明显故意违反安全规则或轻率行为,火灾造成的非自愿退化"。 它的目标是"x",意思是怀疑任何人或任何实体。

The 13th-century cathedral was under renovation at the time of the fire and scaffolding crisscrossed the back of the edifice where the spire was once located.


The fire tore through the roof, destroying the spire which toppled in flames and vast sections of the interior. It has left the crippled monument, once a major tourist attraction, barricaded to the public and the faithful.

大火撕裂了屋顶,摧毁了在火焰中倒塌的尖顶和内部的大片区域。 曾经是主要旅游胜地的纪念碑,现在已经瘫痪,不能对公众和信徒开放。

In the preliminary investigation, judicial police examined more than 1,200 clues and heard testimony from around 100 people.


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Boeing suffers new 737 Max issue that could delay return
波音公司737max 新问题可能延迟返航

US regulators have uncovered a possible new flaw in Boeing's troubled 737 Max aircraft that is likely to push back test flights.

美国监管机构发现,波音(Boeing)问题重重的737max 飞机存在一个可能的新缺陷,有可能推迟试飞。

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said it identified the "potential risk" during simulator tests, but did not reveal specific details.


Boeing's top-selling aircraft was grounded in March after two crashes.


The company is upgrading the aircraft's anti-stall software, which is the focus of crash investigators.


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Mounties called in to trace origins of mystery meat as Canada halts exports to China

Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau said today the RCMP has been called in to investigate the origins of a pork shipment to China that arrived with a fake Canadian export certificate.


Bibeau said the source of the meat and the false certificate remain unknown, and that Canadian and Chinese officials are in close daily contact as they work to find out what happened.


Canada agreed Tuesday to stop issuing export certificates for meat destined for China after Chinese customs inspectors detected residue from a restricted feed additive called ractopamine in a Canadian shipment of pork products.


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Japan firms pour $3 bil. into 2020 Olympics

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (Reuters) — The Tokyo 2020 Olympics have generated record domestic sponsorship revenues of more than $3 billion, the International Olympic Committee said on Tuesday — three times more than any previous summer Games.


There is huge enthusiasm among the Japanese for the Tokyo Games, and the public have rushed in their millions to buy tickets.


The IOC’s Coordination Commission chief for Tokyo, John Coates, said local sponsorship agreements were up to 62 companies for all three tiers of sponsorship arrangements.



Inter Milan preparing £9m loan bid for Romelu Lukaku from Manchester United

Inter Milan are preparing a £9m offer to sign Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku on a two-year loan deal.


The deal would also include an obligation to buy the Belgium international for another £54m.