Amazon Prime Day 2019 Rocked By Employee Walk Out At Minnesota Fulfillment Center

Long-festering employee discontent at, the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace, once again surfaced with fulfillment center workers in Shakopee, Minnesota walking out Monday afternoon in the midst of the two-day Amazon Prime Day that began on the same day.

全球最大的电子商务市场——亚马逊网站(员工的不满情绪持续了很长时间。周一下午,在同一天开始的为期两天的亚马逊黄金日(Amazon Prime Day)中,沙科皮物流配送中心的工作人员走了出来,这种不满情绪再次浮出水面。

Minnesota employees said they’ll go on strike for a six-hour period that overlaps with the morning and evening shifts. They’re protesting dangerous working conditions, wage practices, unfair scheduling and impossible demands being made on them on a daily basis by management.


The Minnesota strike is the first major strike of Amazon workers in the U.S. during Amazon’s annual Prime Day sales extravaganza. Analysts said the strike might also be a warning sign Amazon’s move to increase to increase its minimum wage to $15 per hour is insufficient to satisfy workers’ needs.


The exhausting nature of fulfillment center jobs seems to be a huge issue among employees.


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Elon Musk’s Neuralink Says It’s Ready for Brain Surgery

Elon Musk has had a lot to show off over the past 25 years, including an early online bank, solar roof tiles, a tunnel-digging machine, an electric car, a reusable rocket, and even the occasional electric car riding a rocket. He may have just topped them all with the help of a tubby brown-and-white rat.


The rodent belongs to Neuralink, a company Musk founded to develop a data transmission system between people and computers. Neuralink has been supersecretive about the nature of its work since its founding in 2017, until now. During its first demonstration in front of a reporter, the startup showed it can record a rat’s brain activity via thousands of tiny electrodes surgically implanted alongside the animal’s neurons and synapses. To do this, Neuralink, based in San Francisco, appears to have achieved a number of breakthroughs that let it place high-speed computing systems inside a brain, while causing less damage than existing techniques.

这只老鼠属于 Neuralink 公司,马斯克成立这家公司是为了开发人与计算机之间的数据传输系统。Neuralink 自2017年成立以来,一直对其工作性质保持着超级秘密,直到现在。在一位记者面前的第一次演示中,这个启动程序显示它可以通过外科手术植入上千个微型电极记录老鼠的大脑活动,这些电极被植入到老鼠的神经元和突触旁边。 为了做到这一点,总部位于旧金山的 Neuralink 似乎取得了一些突破,使其能够将高速计算系统植入大脑,同时比现有技术造成的损害更小。

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Greek man admits to murder of US biologist in Crete

A 27-year-old man has admitted to killing developmental biologist Suzanne Eaton, who was found dead in Crete last week.


Greek police said in a statement posted online on 16 July that a Greek man who was questioned as the main suspect of the homicide “admitted his guilt and today he will be brought to justice”. Forensic evidence showed that suffocation was the cause of death.

希腊警方在7月16日发布在网上的一份声明中说,一名希腊男子作为这起谋杀案的主要嫌疑人接受了讯问,他"承认了自己的罪行,今天他将被绳之以法"。 法医证据显示窒息是死因。

Coroner Antoni Papadomanolakis had previously told the German television broadcaster RTL that Eaton was suffocated and that the authorities were certain she was killed by a criminal act.

验尸官安东尼·帕帕多马诺拉基斯此前告诉德国电视台 RTL,伊顿是窒息而死,当局确信她是被犯罪行为杀害的。

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Gion Festival kicks off with Yamahoko parade

Twenty-three Yamahoko floats, known as “moving museums” because of their elaborate decorations, paraded through central Kyoto on Wednesday as a highlight of the annual Gion Festival, one of the three most famous festivals in the nation.

23辆雅马虎虎彩车因其精美的装饰而被称为"移动的博物馆"。周三,这些彩车在京都市中心游行,成为一年一度的吉昂节(Gion Festival)的亮点。吉昂节是日本最著名的三大节日之一。

This year marked the 1,150th anniversary of the festival, which was started to pray for preventing plague from ravaging the city in the Heian period (794-the late 12th century).

今年是这个节日的1150周年纪念日,在平安时期(794-12世纪晚期) ,人们开始为防止瘟疫肆虐这座城市而祈祷。



FOUR OF THE seven Google employees who organized a 20,000-person walkout in November have resigned from the company, including two women who claimed Google retaliated against them for their internal activism. The latest to leave is Meredith Whittaker, who ran Google Open Research and has emerged in the past couple of years as a prominent voice demanding increased accountability from tech companies around uses of artificial intelligence.

在去年11月组织了2万人罢工的7名谷歌员工中,有4人已经从公司辞职,其中包括两名女性,她们声称谷歌对她们的内部行动主义进行了报复。 最近离职的是梅雷迪思 · 惠特克(Meredith Whittaker) ,她是谷歌开放研究(Google Open Research)的负责人,在过去几年中成为要求科技公司在人工智能使用方面加强问责制的重要声音。

In April, Whittaker claimed Google had retaliated against her for her role in the walkout and her advocacy work on AI ethics through AI Now, a research institute she cofounded that has received funding from Google. She had already been told her AI ethics work was no longer a fit for Google’s Cloud division. “It’s clear Google isn’t a place where I can continue this work,” Whittaker wrote in a farewell note posted on Medium, which urged employees to unionize, protect whistle-blowers, and insist on transparency around the technology they are building and how it will be used.

今年4月,惠特克声称,谷歌对她在罢工中的角色以及她通过 AI Now 在人工智能伦理方面的倡导工作进行了报复。 她已经被告知,她的人工智能伦理工作不再适合谷歌的云部门。 "很明显,谷歌不是一个我可以继续这项工作的地方,"惠特克在 Medium 网站上发布的告别信中写道。该网站敦促员工成立工会,保护举报人,并坚持他们正在建设的技术及其使用方式的透明度。

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