Drivers of burned-out truck found in Northern B.C. now considered missing

RCMP say the two young male drivers of a pickup truck found on fire in Northern B.C., close to a dead body, are now considered missing.


On Friday, RCMP discovered the burning truck, fitted with a sleeping camper, near Dease Lake, B.C. They found the body the same day, about two kilometres away in a highway pullout.


RCMP now say the truck's drivers, 19-year-old Kam McLeod and 18-year-old Bryer Schmegelsky, both from Port Alberni, B.C., haven't been in contact with their families for the past few days.

加拿大皇家骑警现在表示,卡车司机19岁的甘·麦克劳德(Kam McLeod)和18岁的布莱尔·施梅格尔斯基(Bryer Schmegelsky)都来自不列颠哥伦比亚省的阿尔伯尼港,在过去几天里没有与家人联系。

The pair were travelling in the pickup to visit Whitehorse and look for work, police say, and may be in an area without cellphone coverage. RCMP are asking anyone who may have seen them to call police.


Police say they're working to identify the body found near the burned vehicle, but officers now know that it isn't Schmegelsky or McLeod. They're still figuring out how the body and the vehicle are related, if at all.

警方表示,他们正在努力辨认在被烧毁的车辆附近发现的尸体,但警方现在知道,尸体不是 Schmegelsky 或 McLeod。他们还在研究尸体和车辆之间的关系,如果有的话。

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Australia grounds Mahindra’s GA8 planes after Swedish crash
瑞典空难发生后,澳大利亚为马辛德拉的 GA8飞机进行了停机检查

Australia’s air safety regulator has grounded operations of a small aircraft manufactured by Mahindra Aerospace for up to 15 days following a crash in Sweden that killed nine people earlier this month.

澳大利亚航空安全监管机构已将马辛德拉航空公司(Mahindra Aerospace)生产的一架小型飞机停飞长达15天。本月早些时候,瑞典发生空难,导致9人死亡

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) said it had suspended operations of all GippsAero GA8 planes in Australia and all Australian-registered GA8 planes flying overseas from July 20 through Aug 3.

澳大利亚民用航空安全局(CASA)表示,从7月20日到8月3日,已经暂停了所有在澳大利亚的 GippsAero GA8飞机和所有在澳大利亚注册的 GA8飞机的运营

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Panasonic robot to take shot at triathlon course for 2020 Games

Just 17 centimeters tall, a durable competitor on Aug. 7 will attempt to eclipse the Olympic record for the triathlon at the event’s venue for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Games.


Panasonic Corp.’s robot, named Mr. Evolta Neo, will take the challenge in Tokyo’s Odaiba district, the major electronic appliance maker said on June 28.

6月28日,松下公司的机器人,名为 Evolta Neo ,将在 Odaiba 地区接受挑战。

The triathlon is a grueling endurance race that consists of three components: swimming, cycling and running. The Olympic record is one hour, 45 minutes and one second.

铁人三项是一项艰苦的耐力赛,包括三个组成部分: 游泳,自行车和跑步。 奥运会纪录是1小时45分钟1秒。

Panasonic plans to prepare three different Mr. Evolta Neo robots, one for each leg of the course at the 2020 Olympic venue.

松下公司计划准备三个不同的 Evolta Neo 机器人,一个在2020年奥运会场馆的赛道上。

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EPA Rejects Ban On Common Pesticide Linked to Brain Damage in Children

The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday said it would not ban chlorpyrifos, a pesticide used for killing insects, citing a lack of scientific evidence and drawing ire from environmental groups that say it could cause harm to the children of women who are exposed to the pesticide when pregnant.

美国环境保护局(Environmental Protection Agency)周四表示,将不会禁用毒死蜱。毒死蜱是一种用于杀死昆虫的杀虫剂。该机构称,缺乏科学证据,并引发了环保组织的愤怒。这些组织称,毒死蜱可能会对孕期接触毒死蜱的妇女的子女造成伤害。

While the agency banned the indoor use of chlorpyrifos in 2000, the chemical is still widely used in the agricultural industry to protect crops, especially corn, from insects. The pesticide, which is produced by Corteva, an agricultural chemical company formerly part of DowDuPont, and goes by the brand names Dursban and Lorsban, is also regularly used on golf courses to kill worms, fire ants and other bugs.

虽然该机构在2000年禁止在室内使用毒死蜱,但这种化学物质仍广泛用于农业,以保护农作物,尤其是玉米免受昆虫的侵害。 这种农药由科尔特瓦公司(Corteva)生产,该公司曾是杜邦(DowDuPont)旗下的一家农业化学品公司,品牌为 Dursban 和 Lorsban。它还经常用于高尔夫球场,杀死蠕虫、火蚁和其它虫子。

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美国国会对 FACEBOOK 和联邦贸易委员会感到愤怒

REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRATIC lawmakers alike are furious over reports that the Federal Trade Commission is prepared to settle with Facebook over widespread privacy violations for just $5 billion. But that doesn’t mean there’s currently an acceptable bipartisan solution floating around the marble halls of the Capitol.

共和党和民主党立法者都对联邦贸易委员会准备以50亿美元的价格与 Facebook 就广泛存在的侵犯隐私行为达成和解的报道感到愤怒。但这并不意味着目前在国会大厦的大理石大厅里有一个可以接受的两党合作的解决方案。

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