What's new on 2019 / 05 / 29 ? 美国部分地区龙卷风造成至少两人死亡、比利时前国王阿尔伯特二世在亲子鉴定案中提交DNA......

At Least Two Dead as Tornadoes Devastate Parts of the U.S.

Severe weather has brought a string of tornados to parts of the Midwest and elsewhere in the U.S., causing significant destruction in Kansas, Ohio and Indiana where several counties were placed under emergency warnings Monday and Tuesday.


At least two people have died and hundreds injured.


Melvin Dale Hannah, an 81-year-old man from Celina, Ohio, died after a parked car blew into his home, Mayor Mayor Jeff Hazel told reporters Tuesday.

塞莱纳市长 Jeff Hazel 周二告诉记者,81岁的 Melvin Dale Hannah 在一辆停放的汽车冲进他家后死亡。

“There’s areas that truly look like a war zone,” he said, according to the Associated Press, adding that seven other people were injured in the city, located some 80 miles northwest of Dayton.

据美联社(Associated Press)报道,他说,“有些地区看起来真的像是战区。”他还补充说,位于代顿西北约80英里处的城市还有7人受伤。

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Belgium's ex-King Albert II submits DNA in paternity case

Former Belgian King Albert II has submitted a DNA sample to avoid fines of €5,000 (£4,370) a day over claims he fathered a love-child in the 1960s.

比利时前国王阿尔伯特二世提交了一份 DNA 样本,以避免每天5000美元(4370英镑)的罚款,因为他声称自己在20世纪60年代生了一个私生子。

The 84-year-old, who has been fighting the paternity claim of Belgian artist Delphine Boël, 51, for over a decade, provided a sample of saliva on Tuesday.

本周二,这位84岁的老人提供了一份唾液样本。他与51岁的比利时艺术家德尔菲娜·博一(Delphine bo l)进行了十多年的亲子鉴定。

Earlier this month, a Belgian appeals court ruled the former monarch should be penalised for refusing the test.


The ex-king, who reigned from 1993 until 2013, denies the paternity claim.


"He noted that the court had decided that the conclusions of this examination would be strictly confidential until a new judicial decision," his lawyer, Alain Berenboom, said in a statement.

他的律师阿兰·贝伦布姆(Alain Berenboom)在一份声明中说,“他注意到,法院已经决定,在做出新的司法裁决之前,这次审查的结论将严格保密。”

A court verdict is not expected until the end of this year.


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Mothers in Metro Vancouver group angry at woman they say sold their donated breast milk

Dozens of women who donated breast milk are upset some of it was sold for profit without their knowledge by a mother who said she needed it for her own children.


Posting to a Facebook page that connects women who need milk with those willing to donate, a mother said she paid for breast milk from a woman who had received it for free.

一位母亲在 Facebook 上发布消息,将需要母乳的女性和愿意捐赠的女性联系起来,她说她从一位免费获得母乳的女性那里购买了母乳。

Jodi Neidert has donated 650 ounces of her breast milk to the woman accused of profiting.


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18 stabbed on Kawasaki street, 2 confirmed dead

KAWASAKI — Eighteen people, including 16 elementary school children, were stabbed on a street in Tama Ward, Kawasaki, at about 7:45 a.m. on Tuesday.

川崎报ー周二上午7:45左右,包括16名小学生在内的18人在川崎 Tama Ward 的一条街道上被刺死。

The police have confirmed that a 12-year-old elementary schoolgirl and a 39-year-old man have died. The suspect fatally stabbed himself after the attack.


According to Tama Police Station, a 51-year-old man armed with two knives stabbed passersby before stabbing himself in the neck. The man was captured by police but later died.


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Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool's Champions League final defeat to Real Madrid made them stronger

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp believes his current squad are incomparable with the team that lost to Real Madrid in last season's Champions League final.

利物浦主教练尤尔根 · 克洛普认为他目前的阵容无法与上赛季在冠军杯决赛中输给皇家马德里的球队相比。

Liverpool suffered heartbreak in Kiev as Real won 3-1 to secure their third consecutive European crown.


The Reds regrouped to challenge Manchester City for the Premier League title this season, while also reaching the Champions League final for the second consecutive year.


Klopp's side will look to go one better when they face Tottenham in Madrid on Saturday and the German says his squad are continually spurred on by their painful loss at the Olimpiyskiy Stadium.

周六在马德里对阵热刺的比赛中,克洛普的球队看起来会更好,德国人说他的球队会继续被 Olimpiyskiy Stadium 的失利所激励。