What's new on 2019 / 05 / 28 ? 日本发生持刀袭击1人死亡15人受伤且多为儿童、阿里巴巴考虑在香港上市......

A Knife Attack in Japan Leaves One Dead and 15 Wounded

Authorities say an elementary schoolgirl is dead, and 15 people — most of them children — injured in a knife attack in a residential district on the southern edge of Tokyo Tuesday morning.


According to Kyodo news agency, a man in his 30s was found with no vital signs at the scene and is currently receiving emergency treatment. Two girls and a woman also sustained serious injuries, police reported.

据日本共同社报道,一名30多岁的男子在现场被发现没有生命体征,目前正在接受紧急治疗。 据警方报道,两名女孩和一名妇女也严重受伤。

The attack reportedly took place near a bus stop in Kawasaki City on the outskirts of the capital, where the children were on their way to school, according to Kyodo news agency. The children are believed to be students at Caritas elementary school, a private Catholic institution in the city.

据共同社报道,袭击发生在首都郊区 Kawasaki City 的一个公共汽车站附近,孩子们正在去学校的路上。 这些孩子被认为是明爱小学的学生,明爱小学是该市的一家私立天主教机构。

Japanese broadcaster NHK reports that a male suspect taken into custody has also died after stabbing himself in the neck. He was believed to be in his 40s or 50s.

据日本 NHK 电视台报道,一名被拘留的男性嫌疑人也在颈部被刺后死亡。 他被认为是40多岁或50多岁。

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Man dies on plane after ingesting 246 cocaine bags

A Japanese man has died on a flight from Mexico City after ingesting 246 bags of cocaine.


The flight, bound for Japan's Narita International Airport, had to make an emergency landing in Mexico's Sonora state after he began to have seizures.


Authorities said the man, identified as Udo N, died of a cerebral edema caused by a drug overdose.

当局表示,这名男子名叫 Udo N,死于吸毒过量引起的脑水肿。

The passenger transferred to the flight after starting his journey in the Colombian capital Bogotá.


According to a statement by Sonora's attorney general, the bags - measuring 2.5cm long and 1cm wide - were found in his stomach and intestines during the autopsy.


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2 dead after small plane crashes in Whitehorse

Two people are dead following a plane crash in Whitehorse, an official with the Transportation Safety Board confirmed Monday night.


TSB spokesperson Jon Lee said the plane was a Cessna 170 taking off from Whitehorse bound for Anchorage, Alaska. There's no word yet on the plane's owner.

Tsb 发言人乔恩·李说,这是一架从怀特霍斯飞往阿拉斯加安克雷奇的塞斯纳170飞机。目前还没有关于飞机主人的消息。

Lee said the TSB is putting together an investigation team to send to Whitehorse.

Lee 表示,TSB 正在组建一个调查小组,派往怀特霍斯。

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Alibaba is reportedly eyeing a Hong Kong listing to raise $20 billion

Alibaba is reportedly working with financial advisors to raise $20 billion via a second listing as early as the latter half of 2019, sources tells Bloomberg.


The Hong Kong-based offering would come after Alibaba in 2014 raised $25 billion on the New York Stock Exchange in the globe’s largest first-time share sale.

2014年,阿里巴巴在纽约证券交易所(New York Stock Exchange)进行了全球规模最大的首次公开发行(ipo) ,筹资250亿美元

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Fiat Chrysler wants to form global auto giant with Renault

Fiat Chrysler proposed on Monday to merge with France's Renault to create the world's third-biggest automaker, worth $40 billion, and combine forces in the race to make electric and autonomous vehicles.

菲亚特克莱斯勒(Fiat Chrysler)周一提议与法国雷诺(Renault)合并,共同打造价值400亿美元的全球第三大汽车制造商,并联合力量制造电动和自动驾驶汽车。

The merged company would reshape the global industry: it would produce some 8.7 million vehicles a year, leapfrogging General Motors and trailing only Volkswagen and Toyota.

合并后的公司将重塑全球汽车行业: 每年生产约870万辆汽车,超过通用汽车,仅次于大众和丰田。

Shares of both companies jumped on the news of the offer, which would see each side's shareholders split ownership in the new manufacturer.


Renault welcomed what it called a "friendly" offer. The company's board met Monday at its headquarters outside Paris and said afterward that Renault will study the proposal "with interest." In a statement, Renault said such a fusion could "improve Renault's industrial footprint and be a generator of additional value for the Alliance" with Japan's Nissan and Mitsubishi.

雷诺对所谓的"友好"报价表示欢迎。 该公司董事会周一在巴黎郊外的总部举行了会议,会后表示,雷诺将"感兴趣"地研究这一提议 雷诺在一份声明中表示,这种融合可以"改善雷诺的工业足迹,并成为与日本日产(Nissan)和三菱(Mitsubishi)合作为联盟带来额外价值的发电机"。

Fiat Chrysler's offer comes at a key moment for Renault. The French manufacturer had wanted to merge fully with Nissan, but those plans were derailed by the arrest of boss Carlos Ghosn on financial misconduct charges in Japan.

菲亚特克莱斯勒的出价正值雷诺面临关键时刻。 这家法国制造商曾希望与日产完全合并,但由于日本老板卡洛斯·戈恩(Carlos Ghosn)因财务不当行为指控而被捕,这些计划受阻。