What's new on 2019 / 07 / 02 ? 美国医学协会正在对堕胎立法采取更积极的态度、洛杉矶天使队投手去世,终年27岁......

The American Medical Association Is Taking a More Aggressive Approach on Abortion Legislation

The American Medical Association is suing North Dakota to block two abortion-related laws, the latest signal the doctors’ group is shifting to a more aggressive stance as the Donald Trump administration and state conservatives ratchet up efforts to eliminate legal abortion.

美国医学协会(American Medical Association)正在起诉北达科他州,以阻止两项与堕胎有关的法律。随着唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)政府和该州保守派加大力度消除合法堕胎的努力,这个医生团体正转向更为激进的立场。

The group, which represents all types of physicians in the U.S., has tended to stay on the sidelines of many controversial social issues, which, until recently, included abortion and contraception. Instead, it has focused on legislation affecting the practice and finances of large swaths of its membership.


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Tyler Skaggs: Los Angeles Angels pitcher dies aged 27
Tyler Skaggs:洛杉矶天使队投手去世,终年27岁

The Los Angeles Angels baseball team has confirmed the death of pitcher Tyler Skaggs. He was 27 years old.


The announcement was made on the team's Twitter page and came hours before they were scheduled to play against the Texas Rangers.

这个消息是在球队的 Twitter 页面上宣布的,而且是在他们预定与德克萨斯游骑兵队比赛的几个小时之前。

Details of his death were not made public, but the team said it happened in Texas. Major League Baseball (MLB) has cancelled Monday night's game.

他的死亡细节没有公开,但是调查小组说他是在德克萨斯州死亡的。 美国职业棒球大联盟取消了周一晚上的比赛。

Skaggs debuted in the MLB at age 20 as a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks.


The starting pitcher was drafted directly out of high school by the Angels in the team's first round of selections in 2009. He had last pitched for the team on Saturday, according to the MLB.


So far this season he has started 15 games, most recently on 29 June against the Oakland Athletics.


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Facebook buildings evacuated in California after nerve agent scare
神经毒气恐慌后,加利福尼亚的 Facebook 大楼被疏散

A Facebook mail facility near company headquarters was evacuated Monday after a routine check found mail possibly containing the nerve agent sarin.

周一,Facebook 总部附近的一个邮件设施被疏散,因为例行检查发现可能含有神经毒剂沙林的邮件。

Authorities put the site under quarantine as they conducted additional testing. Four buildings were evacuated and three have been cleared for people to come back in, said Facebook spokesperson Anthony Harrison in a statement. The suspicious package was delivered around 11 a.m. to one of the company's mail rooms, he said.

当局对该网站进行了额外的检测,并对其进行了隔离。 脸谱网发言人安东尼 · 哈里森在一份声明中说,四座建筑物被疏散,三座建筑物已经清理完毕,以便人们返回。 他说,这个可疑的包裹是在上午11点左右送到该公司的一个收发室的。

"Authorities have not yet identified the substance found," Harrison wrote.


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Samsung confirms next Unpacked event will be Aug. 7 in New York
三星确认下一次 Unpacked 发布会将于8月7日在纽约举行

Samsung said Monday it'll hold its next big product launch on Aug. 7 in New York, confirming CNET's scoop from last month about the launch plans.

三星周一表示,将于8月7日在纽约举行下一次大型产品发布会,这证实了 CNET 上个月关于发布计划的独家报道。

Samsung will show off what's likely to be the Galaxy Note 10 at 4 p.m. ET at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The event venue is the same place the South Korean technology giant launched the Note 9 last year.

三星将于美国东部时间下午4点在布鲁克林的巴克莱中心展示 Galaxy Note 10。 这个活动的举办地正是韩国科技巨头去年发布 Note 9的地方。

The invitation sent to reporters featured a black stylus and what appears to be a camera lens on a white background.


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Arsenal launch £40m bid for Crystal Palace forward Wilfried Zaha

Arsenal have launched a £40m bid for Crystal Palace forward Wilfried Zaha, Sky Sports News understands.

据天空体育新闻报道,阿森纳已经出价4000万英镑收购水晶宫前锋维尔弗里德 · 扎哈。

The 26-year-old has been heavily linked with the Gunners this summer with it understood the player wants to stay in London and play European football.


However, with Palace already losing Aaron Wan-Bissaka to Manchester United for £50m, the club do not want to sell Zaha and value him at £80m - double what Arsenal have initially tabled.