What's new on 2019 / 04 / 25 ? 斯里兰卡总统要求高级安全官员辞职、埃及选民支持延长总统统治的公投......

Sri Lanka's President Asks For Top Security Officials To Resign After Dismissing Attack Warnings

(COLOMBO, Sri Lanka) — Sri Lanka’s president has asked for the resignations of the defense secretary and national police chief, a dramatic internal shake-up after security forces shrugged off intelligence reports warning of possible attacks before Easter bombings that killed over 350 people, the president’s office said Wednesday.


It wasn’t immediately clear who would be replacing them, but President Maithripala Sirisena said during a televised speech Tuesday that he planned to change the head of the defense forces within 24 hours.


The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the attacks, which struck Christians worshipping in three churches and people at three luxury hotels. Authorities remain unsure of its involvement, though many suspect experienced foreign militants were advising, funding or guiding the attackers.

伊斯兰国组织声称对这起袭击事件负责,袭击发生在三座教堂的基督徒和三家豪华酒店的人们。 尽管许多怀疑有经验的外国激进分子为袭击者提供建议、资金或指导,但当局仍不确定该组织是否参与其中。

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Measles: Half a million UK children missed jab
麻疹: 50万英国儿童未注射疫苗

More than half a million children in the UK were not given a crucial measles jab between 2010 and 2017, an analysis by children's charity Unicef reveals.


It comes as NHS chief Simon Stevens warned measles cases had almost quadrupled in England in just one year and urged families to get the vaccine.


He said people rejecting vaccines was a "growing public health time bomb".


Globally, the report shows, 169 million children were not given a first dose of measles vaccine between 2010 and 2017.


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Egypt voters back referendum extending president’s rule

CAIRO (AP) — Voters in Egypt approved constitutional amendments allowing President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi to remain in power until 2030, election officials said Tuesday, a move that critics fear will cement his authoritarian rule eight years after a pro-democracy uprising.


Sissi led the military overthrow of an elected, but divisive, Islamist president amid mass protests against his rule in 2013 and has since presided over an unprecedented crackdown on dissent. Thousands of people, including many pro-democracy activists, have been arrested by authorities. Freedoms won in 2011, when mass protests ended President Hosni Mubarak’s nearly three-decade rule, have been rolled back.

2013年,在反对总统统治的大规模抗议活动中,西西领导军方推翻了一位民选但分裂的伊斯兰主义总统,并在此后对异见人士进行了前所未有的镇压。 包括许多亲民主活动人士在内的数千人已被当局逮捕。2011年,当大规模抗议结束了胡斯尼•穆巴拉克(Hosni Mubarak)总统近30年的统治时,埃及赢得了自由,但现在,这种自由已经倒退。

Lasheen Ibrahim, the head of Egypt’s National Election Authority, told a news conference the amendments to the 2014 Constitution were approved with 88.83% voting in favor, with a turnout of 44.33%. The nationwide referendum took place over three days, from Saturday through Monday to maximize turnout. Egypt has some 61 million eligible voters.

埃及国家选举局局长拉希恩·易卜拉欣在新闻发布会上表示,2014年宪法修正案以88.83% 的支持率获得通过,投票率为44.33% 。 全国性的公投历时三天,从周六到周一,以最大限度地提高投票率。 埃及有大约 6100万合格选民。

In his first public comments on the amendments, Sissi thanked the Egyptian people for voting.



Journalist sues government after passport is invalidated

A Japanese journalist known for covering war zones sued the Foreign Ministry on Wednesday after it invalidated his passport and demanded he surrender it, saying it deprived him of his right to travel and restricted press freedom.


Kosuke Tsuneoka was stopped at Tokyo's Haneda airport in February on his way to Yemen to report on the country's conflict and humanitarian crisis. He was told his passport had been invalidated and was ordered to immediately surrender it.

今年2月,韩国前往也门报道该国冲突和人道主义危机的航班在 Haneda 机场被拦截。 他被告知他的护照已经无效,并被命令立即交出护照。

Tsuneoka is a freelance journalist who has reported from conflict zones in the Middle East and Africa for about two decades, and was held captive for five months in Afghanistan in 2010.

Tsuneoka 是一名自由撰稿人,他在中东和非洲的冲突地区从事报道工作已有20多年,2010年在阿富汗被囚禁了5个月。

He said he filed the lawsuit because of his concern that the government may be expanding its control over citizens. He said a growing number of journalists have been warned or put under pressure, and as a result Japanese media reports from areas of conflict have decreased significantly, leaving Japan out of touch with the rest of the world.

他说,他提起诉讼是因为他担心政府可能会扩大对公民的控制。 他说,越来越多的记者受到警告或压力,结果,来自冲突地区的日本媒体报道显著减少,使日本与世界其他地区失去了联系。

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South Korea economy unexpectedly contracts in first quarter, worst since global financial crisis

South Korea’s economy unexpectedly shrank in the first quarter, marking its worst performance since the global financial crisis.


This comes as government spending failed to keep up the previous quarter’s strong pace and as companies slashed investment.


The contraction reinforced financial market views that the central bank is likely to make a U-turn on policy, shifting to an easing stance and possibly cutting interest rates.


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