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China Grounds All Boeing 737 Max 8 Planes After the Deadly Ethiopia Crash
埃塞俄比亚飞机坠毁,中国禁飞所有波音737 Max 8飞机

China’s civilian aviation authority has ordered all Chinese airlines to temporarily ground their Boeing 737 Max 8 planes after one of the aircraft crashed in Ethiopia.

在一架波音737 Max 8飞机在埃塞俄比亚坠毁后,中国民用航空管理局已经命令所有中国航空公司暂时停飞其飞机。

The Civil Aviation Administration of China said the order was issued at 9 a.m. Beijing time Monday and would last nine hours.


It said the order was taken out of safety concerns because the crash was the second after another of the planes fell into the ocean off the coast of Indonesia in similar circumstances on Dec. 29, killing all aboard.


It said further notice would be issued after consultation with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing on safety measures taken.


Eight Chinese nationals were among the 157 people aboard the plane when it crashed Sunday shortly after takeoff.


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Kelly Catlin: Three-time world track champion dies aged 23

Three-time world champion and Olympic silver medallist Kelly Catlin has died aged 23, USA Cycling has confirmed.

美国自行车协会证实,三届世界冠军和奥运会银牌得主凯利 · 卡特林去世,享年23岁。

Catlin won three straight team pursuit world titles on the track from 2016 to 2018, claiming silver in the same event at the Rio 2016 Games.


She competed for Rally UHC Cycling on the road and was studying for a graduate degree at Stanford University.

她参加了拉力 UHC 公路自行车赛,并在斯坦福大学攻读研究生学位。

"We are deeply saddened by Kelly's passing," said USA Cycling president and chief executive Rob DeMartini.

美国自行车协会主席兼首席执行官 Rob DeMartini 说:"我们对 Kelly 的去世深感悲痛。"。

"We will all miss her dearly. Kelly was more than an athlete to us and she will always be part of the USA Cycling family."

"我们都会非常想念她的。 凯利对我们来说不仅仅是一个运动员,她将永远是美国自行车家庭的一部分。"

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From sacred to secular: Canada set to lose 9,000 churches, warns national heritage group
从神圣到世俗: 国家遗产组织警告说,加拿大将失去9000座教堂

A national charity that works to save old buildings estimates that 9,000 religious spaces in Canada will be lost in the next decade, roughly a third of all faith-owned buildings in the country.


National Trust for Canada regeneration project leader Robert Pajot says every community in the country is going to see old church buildings shuttered, sold off or demolished.

加拿大国家信托重建项目负责人罗伯特 · 帕约特说,这个国家的每个社区都将看到旧教堂被关闭、出售或拆除。

"Neighbourhoods are going to have multiple churches closing," Pajot said. "Some people qualify this as a crisis, and I kind of agree. It is going to hit everybody."

"居民区将有多座教堂关闭,"帕约特说。 "有些人认为这是一场危机,我有点同意这种看法。 这将影响到所有人。"

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Brazil’s Bolsonaro to visit Trump this month

WASHINGTON (AFP-Jiji) — U.S. President Donald Trump will host his Brazilian counterpart Jair Bolsonaro on March 19, the White House said Friday, the first meeting between the two rightwing leaders who have lavished praise on each other.

美国白宫周五宣布,美国总统唐纳德 · 特朗普将于3月19日迎接巴西总统杰尔 · 博尔索纳罗,这是两位右翼领导人之间的首次会晤。

The visit was announced by Brazil’s foreign ministry last month but a firm date had not been finalized.


Bolsonaro, who entered office in January, has vowed to forge close ties with Washington after over a decade of leftist rule in Brazil, and has been dubbed “South America’s Trump.”



Murder charge dropped for Indonesian in Kim Jong Nam killing

SHAH ALAM, Malaysia--Malaysian prosecutors have withdrawn the murder charge against the Indonesian suspect in the killing of the North Korean leader's half brother.


Prosecutor Iskandar Ahmad didn't give a reason for dropping the charge against Siti Aisyah. It was not yet clear in Monday's court proceedings if she would be charged with a lower count.

检察官 Iskandar Ahmad 没有给出撤销对 Siti Aisyah 指控的理由。 在周一的法庭诉讼中,尚不清楚她是否会被控以较低的罪名。

Aisyah's lawyer Gooi Soon Seng said she should be acquitted as the prosecution case against her has closed.


A High Court judge last August had found there was enough evidence to infer that Siti Aisyah and Vietnamese suspect Doan Thi Huong, along with four missing North Korean suspects, had engaged in a "well-planned conspiracy" to kill Kim Jong Nam.

去年8月,一名高等法院法官发现,有足够的证据推断,西蒂 · 艾莎(Siti Aisyah)和越南嫌疑人段氏香(Doan Thi Huong) ,以及四名失踪的朝鲜嫌疑人,参与了一场"精心策划的阴谋",要杀死金正男(Kim Jong Nam)。

Aisyah's defense had been put on hold while a court heard arguments over obtaining a witness statement.


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