What's new on 2019 / 03 / 13 ? 东京奥运会倒计时500天、欧盟停飞波音737max......

A Measles Diagnosis Is Confirmed in New Hampshire. Now, 12 States Have Cases of the Disease

A new measles diagnosis has been reported in New Hampshire, bringing the number of states with confirmed cases of the disease to a dozen.


As of Mar. 7, 228 measles cases in 12 states have been confirmed so far this year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s latest numbers. Outbreaks have been particularly severe in Washington and New York states.

根据美国疾病控制和预防中心(CDC)的最新数据,截至3月7日,今年迄今为止,已有12个州确诊了228例麻疹病例。 华盛顿州和纽约州的疫情尤为严重。

The sick person in New Hampshire reportedly contracted measles while traveling abroad, as the CDC says is often the case. The international traveler also took a bus from Boston to Manchester, N.H. in late February, WCAX reports. No measles cases have been confirmed in Massachusetts this year, according to the CDC’s tally.

据报道,新罕布什尔州的病人在国外旅行时感染了麻疹,疾病预防控制中心说,这种情况经常发生。 据 WCAX 报道,这名国际旅行者还在2月底从波士顿乘坐公共汽车前往 N.H. 的曼彻斯特。 根据疾病预防控制中心的统计,今年马萨诸塞州没有麻疹病例得到确认。

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'Willing to spend whatever it took': 50 charged with U.S. college admissions scam

A U.S. judge has set a bond of $250,000 for the release of Hollywood actress Felicity Huffman, who was among 50 people charged by U.S. federal prosecutors Tuesday in a multi-million dollar scheme to help wealthy Americans cheat their children's way into elite universities such as Yale and Stanford.


A magistrate judge ordered the Desperate Housewives star to restrict her travel to the continental United States.


Federal authorities called it the biggest college admissions scam ever prosecuted by the U.S. Justice Department, with the parents accused of paying an estimated $25 million US in bribes.


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500 days and counting until Tokyo Olympics

With Tuesday marking 500 days before the start of the Tokyo Olympics, the special event “Shibuya de 500” was held at the busy intersection in the Shibuya district of Tokyo.

周二,距离东京奥运会开幕还有500天,"涩谷500"特别活动在 Shibuya 繁忙的十字路口举行。


European Union joins others in grounding Boeing 737 Max jets, further isolating US
欧盟与其他国家一起停飞波音737max 客机,进一步孤立美国

Europe's aviation regulator on Tuesday said it is suspending operations of the Boeing 737 Max 8 jet, following a deadly crash over the weekend.

欧洲航空监管机构周二表示,波音737 Max 8喷气式飞机在上周末发生致命坠机事故后,将暂停运营

Aviation regulators from China to Britain have grounded the aircraft.


The Federal Aviation Administration said Monday it doesn't see any reason to ground the planes.


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Gmail, Google Drive hit with global outage

Gmail has been hit by an outage affecting users around the world, with outage reports spiking and Gmail users flooding social media to complain about problems sending emails.

Gmail 受到全球用户的宕机影响,宕机报告激增,Gmail 用户大量涌入社交媒体抱怨发送电子邮件的问题。

Some users are also reporting issues with Google Drive, including spotty performance and certain file types not opening.

一些用户还报告了 Google Drive 的问题,包括性能参差不齐和某些文件类型无法打开。

According to a message posted on Google's GSuite Status Dashboard at 1:53 p.m. ET, both Gmail and Google Drive are experiencing what it describes as a "service disruption."

根据美国东部时间下午1:53发布在谷歌 GSuite 状态仪表盘上的一条消息,Gmail 和 Google Drive 都经历了它所称的"服务中断"

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