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Schools Closed in Texas Town As Petrochemicals Facility Fire Rages

DEER PARK, Texas — Emergency crews in Texas are working to control a large fire burning at a Houston-area petrochemicals terminal that has spread to eight storage tanks.

德克萨斯州 DEER PARK ー德克萨斯州紧急救援人员正在努力控制休斯顿地区一个石油化工码头的大火,这场大火已蔓延到八个储油罐。

The fire started Sunday morning at Intercontinental Terminals Company in Deer Park, about 15 miles (24 kilometers) southast of Houston. ITC says the risk of explosion is “minimal” and no injuries have been reported.

火灾发生在周日上午,地点是位于休斯顿东南约15英里(24公里)的鹿园洲际航站楼公司。 美国国际贸易委员会说,爆炸的危险是"最小的",没有人员伤亡的报告。

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Italy's La Scala opera house to return Saudi millions

Italy's La Scala opera house is to return more than €3 million (£2.5m; $3.4m) to Saudi Arabia after a funding plan with the kingdom triggered a public backlash.

意大利斯卡拉歌剧院(La Scala opera house)将向沙特阿拉伯返还逾300万美元(合250万英镑; 340万美元)。此前,该剧院与沙特的一项融资计划引发了公众的强烈反对。

The deal would have allowed the Saudi culture minister a seat on the board.


Saudi Arabia's human rights record is under close scrutiny after the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October.

今年10月,记者贾迈勒 · 哈绍吉在沙特驻伊斯坦布尔领事馆被谋杀后,沙特阿拉伯的人权记录受到密切关注。

The partnership plan was criticised by rights groups and politicians.


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New Zealand PM promises tighter gun laws within 10 days

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says reforms to the country's gun laws will be announced within 10 days following the shootings at two Christchurch mosques that left 50 people dead and dozens injured last week.

新西兰总理 Jacinda Ardern 说,在上周基督城两座清真寺发生枪击事件,造成50人死亡,数十人受伤之后,新西兰将在10天内宣布枪支法改革。

She said cabinet ministers had met and made an in-principle decision to tighten gun ownership laws, but details still need to be worked out.


Ardern also announced an inquiry into the events leading up to the shootings and whether there was anything the country's intelligence services could have done to prevent them.


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1 feared dead in Dutch tram shooting, terrorist motive possible

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) — Several people were shot, one possibly fatally, on Monday in a tram in the central Dutch city of Utrecht, in an incident police said may have had a “terrorist motive.”


Police said the suspected gunman was at large and authorities raised the terrorism threat to its highest level in Utrecht province. Schools were told to shut their doors and paramilitary police increased security at airports and other vital infrastructure. Security was stepped up at mosques.

警方表示,枪手嫌疑人仍然逍遥法外,当局已将乌得勒克的恐怖主义威胁提高到最高水平。 学校被要求关闭大门,武警加强了机场和其他重要基础设施的安全保卫。 清真寺的安保加强了。


K-pop sex scandals are crushing Korean entertainment stocks

Two sex scandals that rocked the South Korean music world are crushing the country's entertainment stocks.


Reports say five major South Korean entertainment companies lost 17.52 percent in value from Feb. 25 to March 15, after their combined market value fell from 3.35 trillion won ($2.96 billion) to 2.76 trillion won.

有报道称,从2月25日到3月15日,韩国五大娱乐公司的市值缩水了17.52% ,此前它们的总市值从3.35万亿韩圆(29.6亿美元)降至2.76万亿韩圆

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