What's new on 2019 / 04 / 28 ? 特朗普拒绝签署武器贸易条约、斯里兰卡突袭爆炸15人死亡......

Trump Makes a Show of Un-Signing Arms Trade Treaty at NRA Convention

With Democrats in Congress reluctant to work with him on legislative proposals, President Donald Trump has been casting about for actions he can take on his own. When it comes to guns, he has long promised to do nothing that would restrict the rights of gun owners.

由于国会中的民主党人不愿在立法提案上与他合作,唐纳德·特朗普总统一直在寻找自己可以采取的行动。 在枪支问题上,他一直承诺不会做任何限制枪支拥有者权利的事情。

But doing nothing isn’t very photogenic for a showman like Trump. So on Friday, in front of the National Rifle Association’s annual convention in Indianapolis, the President made a big show of undoing something.

但是对于像特朗普这样的表演者来说,什么都不做并不上镜。 因此,周五,在印第安纳波利斯举行的美国步枪协会年度会议前,总统大张旗鼓地表示要撤销一些事情。

In a nearly hourlong speech, he announced he was pulling the U.S. from the Arms Trade Treaty and instructing Congress to stop the ratification process and “return the treaty back to me in the Oval Office where I will dispose of it.”

在将近一个小时的演讲中,他宣布美国将退出《武器贸易条约》(Arms Trade Treaty) ,并指示国会停止批准程序,"把条约送回椭圆形办公室,我将在那里处理它。"

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Sri Lanka bombings: 15 die in blast during raid on suspected hideout
斯里兰卡爆炸案: 突袭疑似藏身处爆炸15人死亡

Fifteen people including six children were killed in Sri Lanka on Friday when suspected Islamist militants blew themselves up in a raid, police said.


The raid occurred in Sainthamaruthu, near the hometown of the suspected ringleader of the Easter Sunday attacks that killed at least 250 people.

这次突袭发生在 Sainthamaruthu 附近,这里被怀疑是周日复活节袭击的主谋,袭击造成至少250人死亡。

Gunmen opened fire as troops attempted to raid a house, police said.


Three men set off explosives, they added, killing the children and three women. Three others died in gunfire.

他们补充说,三名男子引爆了炸药,炸死了儿童和三名妇女。 另外三人在枪战中丧生。

One civilian was caught in the crossfire and died, according to police, while a wounded woman and child were taken to hospital.


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Canada-wide salmonella linked to Celebrate brand frozen profiteroles and eclairs

Health officials in British Columbia have pinned down the source of a Canada-wide salmonella outbreak that took months to investigate.


Dr. Eleni Galanis with the B.C. Centre for Disease Control says investigators have linked the bacteria-caused gastrointestinal illness to Celebrate brand frozen profiteroles and mini chocolate eclairs.

不列颠哥伦比亚疾病控制中心的 Eleni Galanis 博士说,研究人员已经将细菌引起的胃肠道疾病与庆祝品牌冷冻空心甜饼和迷你巧克力泡芙联系起来。

Galanis said cases started appearing in November, but it wasn't until last week that investigators were able to piece the clues together after a third infected person reported eating a cream puff.


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Theater owners create ‘perfect storm’ for ‘Avengers: Endgame’ opening, film on track for record $300 million US debut, $1 billion global haul
影院老板为《复仇者联盟: 终局之战》首映制造”完美风暴”,该片首映票房创下3亿美元新高,全球票房收入达10亿美元

In its opening day in North America, “Avengers: Endgame” took in $156.7 million, including $60 million from Thursday night previews.

在北美上映的第一天,《复仇者联盟: 终局之战》就获得了1.567亿美元的票房,其中包括周四晚上的预演票房6000万美元

Disney now expects the film to gross between $310 million and $340 million in the U.S.


With two days left before the end of the weekend, “Endgame” is on track to pass $1 billion globally for its debut.


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Maurizio Sarri wants to stay at Chelsea and turn the club into title contenders

Maurizio Sarri insists he wants to stay at Stamford Bridge and will turn Chelsea into title contenders within two years.


The former Napoli coach is confident he can close the gap on Premier League pacesetters Liverpool and Manchester City, and says he is intent on remaining at Stamford Bridge despite constant speculation linking him with a return to Italy.