What's new on 2019 / 06 / 06 ? 97岁的诺曼底登陆老兵再次跳伞、Youtube 禁止否认大屠杀的新纳粹视频......

'It Went Perfect.' A 97-Year-Old D-Day Veteran Just Parachuted Into Normandy — Again

For the second time in his life, Tom Rice, a 97-year-old from San Diego, has parachuted into Normandy. Wednesday’s feat, however, was a lot more joyous than his first jump three-quarters of a century earlier.

97岁的汤姆·赖斯来自圣地亚哥,这是他一生中第二次空降到诺曼底。 然而,周三的壮举比他一个世纪前的第一次跳跃要令人高兴得多。

Rice’s leap was part of the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the allied invasion of the French region of Normandy that began on June 6, 1944, and marked a turning point in World War II. Among the commemorative events was a parachute jump, which included Rice and about 200 other parachutists.


“It went perfect, perfect jump,” he said, according to the Associated Press.


Rice jumped in tandem from a C-47 transporter Wednesday and landed in the same area as his first jump — outside the Normandy town of Carentan, the site of a key WWII battle.

星期三,赖斯一前一后地从一架 C-47运输机上跳下,并在他第一次跳下的同一地区着陆ーー在二战关键战役的卡朗唐以外。

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Mexico dismantles three synthetic drug labs in Sinaloa

A combined army and police force on patrol in the northern Mexican state of Sinaloa has dismantled three labs producing the synthetic drug methamphetamine.


Officials estimated the labs could produce 17 million doses of meth.


They said their discovery was the biggest blow to meth trafficking so far this year.


Crystal meth is a powerful form of amphetamine and can be smoked, snorted or injected by users.


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YouTube moves to ban neo-Nazi, Holocaust-denying videos
Youtube 禁止否认大屠杀的新纳粹视频

YouTube says it is cracking down on hate speech on its platform, banning videos that promote neo-Nazi ideology or claim that events like the Holocaust never took place.

Youtube 表示,它正在打击其平台上的仇恨言论,禁止宣扬新纳粹意识形态或声称大屠杀等事件从未发生的视频。

The move is expected to result in thousands of videos and channels being removed from the popular online platform.


But while the company will begin enforcing its new policy today, it admits that it could take months before all of the content is removed.


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Ebola cases exceed 2,000 in DR Congo

KINSHASA (Reuters) — The number of cases of Ebola in eastern Congo has passed 2,000, government figures showed late on Monday, as the rate of new cases tripled and containment efforts faltered in the remote, unstable region.

KINSHASA (路透社)ー刚果政府周一晚间公布的数据显示,刚果东部的埃博拉病例已超过2000例,新增病例增加了两倍,在这个偏远、不稳定的地区,控制埃博拉疫情的努力受挫。

Local mistrust of health workers and attacks on Ebola clinics by armed militias have contributed to an acceleration in what is now the second-worst outbreak of the virus on record.


The outbreak reached 1,000 cases in March, more than seven months after it was first detected in August last year. It took less than three more months to reach 2,000, according to Democratic Republic of Congo’s health ministry and aid agency figures. More than 1,300 have died.


Responders face twin obstacles: resistance from communities who believe that Ebola is a conspiracy made up by aid agencies and the government, and from armed groups seeking to stoke instability for their own gain.

急救人员面临着两个障碍: 一是来自认为埃博拉是援助机构和政府共谋的社区的抵制,二是来自为了自己的利益而寻求煽动不稳定的武装组织的抵制。


Trump’s blacklisting of Huawei is hurting American chip firms

Several exchange-traded funds that track semiconductor stocks are sharply lower over the last month, performing worse than the Nasdaq Composite.


President Donald Trump’s administration has sought to cut off the supply of American technology, including chips, to Chinese tech giant Huawei.

唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)总统的政府试图切断包括芯片在内的美国技术对中国科技巨头华为的供应

Some Huawei suppliers such as Qorvo and Skyworks have downgraded their revenue guidance for the current quarter.

Qorvo 和 Skyworks 等一些华为供应商已下调了本季度的收入预期

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